Fish with Spinach and Cheese

Fish with Spinach and Cheese

Fish with Spinach and Cheese

This is a recipe from Annabel Karmel’s ” The Healthy Baby Meal Planner”. Combining cheese sauce with fish and vegetables is a good way to hide some of these food if baby doesnt like them. The creamy cheese does a very good job of masking the bitter taste of spinach and is extremely yummy.

What I love about this dish is the use of some peppercorn and bay leaf which gives this dish its distinctive aroma. I substituted codfish with flounder fish because I like codfish for its less fishy smell, lesser bones and high in DHA content. This dish is full iron packed with spinach for young babies’ growth at this stage. I also like to add in baby pasta to add texture. Matilda, like me, loves pasta very much.

Fish with Spinach and Chese

Fish with Spinach and Chese



Chicken in Tomato Sauce

Chicken in Tomato Sauce

Chicken in Tomato Sauce

This is a recipe from Annabel Karmel’s ” The Healthy Baby Meal Planner”. This dish is good itself for the entire family too. Its naturally sweet flavour are from the root vegetables and chicken. Blend this dish very thoroughly to avoid chunky and tough chicken shreds which your baby cant swallow at this time. Easy to make and ingredients are cheap and easily available too. Dive into it!

Chicken in tomato paste

Chicken in tomato sauce

Dried Apricots with Papaya and Pear


This is a recipe from Annabel Karmel’s ” The Healthy Baby Meal Planner”. I replaced papaya with apples as I did not have papaya on that day, but still, it turned out fantastic. This dark gold caramel liked syrup is robust in flavour with the dried apricots. An excellent recipe for babies who have done their first tastes on papaya/apple and pear.

Note: Use only sulfur free dried apricots. Usually, the packaging will indicate whether it is sulfur free or not. On the ingredients list, it is shown as sulfur or sulfure dioxide. Sulfur may trigger asthma attacks in some babies, so be safe. Sulfur is also used to preserve the bright orange color of apricot flesh for aesthetic purplse. Sulfur free dried apricots are darker brown in color. You can get them from organic stores or well stocked supermarkets. They are usually more expensive though.

One of Matty’s favourite dessert for tea time.

dried apricots with papaya and pear

dried apricots with papaya and pear

Leek with Potato Puree

leek and potato puree

leek and potato puree

This is a recipe from Annabel Karmel’s ” The Healthy Baby Meal Planner”. Looks like your ordinary mashed potato or in baby weaning term, it is potato puree. Leek and potato puree makes a fantastic combination and an excellent way to hide those green in your baby food. In addition, butter makes this dish bursting with rich aroma. So good that I stole a few bites from Matty.

Leek with Potato Puree

Leek with Potato Puree

Braised Beef with Sweet Potatoes


This is a recipe from Annabel Karmel’s ” The Healthy Baby Meal Planner”. I tried it today and it was whooping good. The sweet potatoes  brings out the full flavour of the beef,and combination of leek sauted in butter boosts up aroma of this entire dish.

Pretty simple to make and I think it will go just as well with pork or chicken. I had modified the cooking method because I don’t have an oven so I boiled the sweet potatoes so that they will turn soft quickly to blend them togethewith the beef and leek mixture. I suggest it can go well with couscous.

My tip: When blending, you can add more gravy to make the puree more moist so that they can be poured over couscous and serve together for your baby. Couscous is a middle eastern staple that cooks extremely quickly. It is very nutritious and soft enough to feed a weaning baby.

So here is my Braised Beef with Sweet Potatoes.

Braised Beef with Sweet Potato, by Annabel Karmel

Braised Beef with Sweet Potatoes

Recommended book for all about Baby Weaning


” The Healthy Baby Meal Planner” by Annabel Karmel, the bestselling author on nutrition and cooking for babies.

This is a very pretty cookbook that will sit nicely on any shelf with adorable veggie illustrations and brilliant photographs. This is my one and only cookbook that I used for baby weaning as it suffices what I need to know all about this milestone. From essential vitamins, cooking methods, dos and donts,what to offer and what not, suggested weekly meal planner and health concerns.

However, if you are already someone who has been in the kitchen long enough, you might think what’s the big deal about mixing some carrots, potatoes and chicken together and puree them? Sure enough, these are not some out of the world gourmet recipes but a noob like me are totally clueless to what I can cook to make weaning an enjoyable journey for us.

This cookbook provides ample recipes from 6 months old to toddler age.