Heguru Seems to Work

Not sure if it was just pure coincidence or what, but it seems that Heguru Right Brain Training has started to take some effects on both 9 old month old Matty, and even for myself, as I attend the class with her. We only had 3 lessons thus far.

Matty was able to sit still and pay attention longer while the teacher was conducting the class. Initially, I attributed it that she had a good nap and drank well before lesson commenced. I found myself blending into the routine of the class better as initially, I really had many doubts and found some of the activities bizarre. For the number memory game, I actually improved in memorizing a string of 10 digit number. I dont know how I did it and neither did I practiced this at home, but I was surprised. I commented to the teacher that I actually improved !

After the lesson, I feedbacked to the teacher that I felt that Matty had better attention span. I shared that she is more interested in books than flashcards, so she suggested that I take advantage of it and aim to read 10 stories to her a day. This will be my next challenge.

I have been practicing the Mandela, high speed flashcards, faster reading and I just received my Tangram puzzle and red dot cards today. I am getting more excited to practice with her daily but not sure if I can do it correctly though.

The other day, I tried speed reading with her and she was able to hold her attention at the book longer. And today, she held her attention for about 90% till the end of the book. I was kind of at disbelief. Questions like ” Was it Heguru? Maybe this is her favourite book? Was it the speed reading?” flooded my mind. Still unsure, but I will definitely keep this speed reading going on.


A Very Colorful Bath

A very colorful bath

A very colorful bath

This is a short sharing of how I like to teach my baby about colors and numbers during one of her favourite activities – bathtime. Most babies enjoy baths and they get them into a relaxed mood with the sweet smelling shampoos. Bathtimes help us bond. I like to take time while I scoop warm water over her, splash the water a little and sing a bath song. She enjoys patting and kicking the water, tries to catch her bath toys and practices her breath holding by pouring water over her face as part of the routine from her swim lesson.

Bath time not only cleans up the baby but is a great time for learning as well.

I recommend to carry out this activity when your baby can sit up unsupported. Some babies may be surprised to see the same toys which they are familiar outside bath time, suddenly appearing in their tub. My baby squeals and pats the water to show her delight and surprise. I took the color balls which came along with her playmat.

The learning activity starts after the cleaning is completed in case your baby feels tired and wants to get out of the water.


1.) Put in one of each 4-5 different single solid colored balls/toys into the bath water. This is so that they can concentrate better.

2.) Introduce the colors by pointing while the ball is in the baby’s hand or yours. Say ” This is yellow/red/blue/green/orange color“. Take turn to introduce all colors and repeat again.

3.) While introducing the colors, you can also prompt baby to take the ball from your hand and let them appreciate and observe the ball in their own hands.

4.) As weeks progress, you can also teach numbers by having probably have more quantity of the same colored toys when baby is comfortable with the entire idea of spending longer time in bath. For example, 1 red ball, 2 yellow balls, 3 green balls, 4 blue balls.

Consistency is the key. Enjoy bathing and have fun.

Aquaducks Swim School at Tanglin Village

On the left side, there are the shower rooms. At the back, it is the resting area where you can change your babies into their swim attire. Right side, the pool.

On the left side, there are the shower rooms. At the back, it is the resting area where you can change your babies into their swim attire. Right side, the pool.

Alright, here is what I am going to show everyone how the pool which Matty goes to look like.

Why did I sign up Matty for a swim course?

My best friend used to show me Youtube videos on how babies and very young toddlers can actually swim. We thought it was really cool and nice that a baby can do that, plus it is a life saver skill. But those babies shown are usually from overseas like countries in USA or Australia. In Singapore, I have never heard of anyone sending their babies for real swim courses. We were saying if Singapore really does have such programs, it would be great if Matty could enroll in one.

Hence when Matty turned 6 months old, I began to source on Google if there are any of such programs in Singapore. Finally, I found Aquaducks and I emailed in for a trial lesson at Tanglin Village, 29 Harding Road Singapore 249537, at Dempsey Hill beside The White Rabbit .

During the trial lesson, I joined a small group of about 3 mothers with their babies of similar age to Matty. The instructor used nursery rhymes to incorporate into the swim lessons objectives and all the babies were very engaged. For example, part of the routine exercises was to sit baby on the ledge and parent had to bring the baby down into the water to simulate falling into the water. So, the nursery song was ” Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall” and when the instructor said ” ..had a great Fall”, parents will bring their babies into the water. Also, there was also some light submerging and instructor taught us the techniques. The instructor would also used a small pail and pour water over babies’ heads to let them practice holding their breath for a short while and to let them adapt to underwater.

Lesson was 30mins long and everyone enjoyed themselves. There were no yelling and screaming babies, maybe except some would just whine and cry for a short while. I was pretty impressed by this at how the instructors could really pacify the kids.

After the trial, I decided to sign up Matty official as an Aqua Duckie at Level 1. It is $120 for 4 lessons a month, each lesson is 30mins. Price is excluding GST and registration fee. What I really loved about the lesson is that it allowes me to bond with Matty in a very unique way, learning about trust and confidence. In addition, the group was really small, and babies get most of the attention.The instructor to baby ratio is about 1:3 for older babies or 2:3 for younger babies.

Besides this, I enjoy the short stroll from the bus stop to the site Dempsey Hill is all quiet with its lush flora and fauna, and the sun at 9am was just fine for us.

After the swim lesson, you can be expected that your baby will fall asleep by themselves without fighting sleep! How awesome is that!

This is where Aquaducks Swim School holds their swim classes at Tanglin Village.

This is where Aquaducks Swim School holds their swim classes at Tanglin Village.

From the photo above, you can see some of the props used during the lessons, and these are usually meant for older babies from 1 year plus. The pool is chlorine free and can be heated up. I like it that it is sheltered despite being an outdoor pool.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for my next post to catch Matty in action when Daddy is on leave to video the process.

For more info, visit them at  http://www.aquaducks.com.sg/