About Mama and Matilda

I am a homemaker and a part time tutor so I get to bring Matty to work along. I like to get creative and enjoy scrapbooking, paper quilling and other forms of arts and crafts. I also enjoy doodling Matty’s photographs digitally and share them on my Instagram.

My blog is typically dedicated to sharing and my insights on parenting and everything about nurturing babies and children.I get most of my inspirations from other blogs, Twitter and my own experiences.

Matilda (aka Matty) is born on 21 February 2014 at 40weeks and weighed 3.86kg. Her Chinese name is 吴媛熙 ( Wu Yuan Xi). 媛:Beautiful. 熙: Prosperous, delight.

I am also the creator of Red Dot Cherry, selling headbands for babies, children and adults. http://www.etsy.com/shop/reddotcherry. Like and Follow us on Instagram,Twitter, Facebook@reddotcherry.

Connect with me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @mamaandmatilda

Enjoy my blog. Happy mothering


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