Heguru Seems to Work

Not sure if it was just pure coincidence or what, but it seems that Heguru Right Brain Training has started to take some effects on both 9 old month old Matty, and even for myself, as I attend the class with her. We only had 3 lessons thus far.

Matty was able to sit still and pay attention longer while the teacher was conducting the class. Initially, I attributed it that she had a good nap and drank well before lesson commenced. I found myself blending into the routine of the class better as initially, I really had many doubts and found some of the activities bizarre. For the number memory game, I actually improved in memorizing a string of 10 digit number. I dont know how I did it and neither did I practiced this at home, but I was surprised. I commented to the teacher that I actually improved !

After the lesson, I feedbacked to the teacher that I felt that Matty had better attention span. I shared that she is more interested in books than flashcards, so she suggested that I take advantage of it and aim to read 10 stories to her a day. This will be my next challenge.

I have been practicing the Mandela, high speed flashcards, faster reading and I just received my Tangram puzzle and red dot cards today. I am getting more excited to practice with her daily but not sure if I can do it correctly though.

The other day, I tried speed reading with her and she was able to hold her attention at the book longer. And today, she held her attention for about 90% till the end of the book. I was kind of at disbelief. Questions like ” Was it Heguru? Maybe this is her favourite book? Was it the speed reading?” flooded my mind. Still unsure, but I will definitely keep this speed reading going on.


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